It all started with the simple idea of "why not"?  

"J" and "A" met while working as lab assistants in the secret laboratory of one of the lesser-know arch villains of the time.   "J" being the idea man that he is, saw an opportunity to team up with "A" to create their own lab - a GraphicLab - more powerful than any other in the world, but they needed POWER!  "J" and "A" sought the only person known to own his very own production Death Star, "Mister Wick".  "J" and "A", were able to convince "Mister Wick" to leave his tropical island lair and relocate to the not-as-tropical but just as awesome, Pacific Beach, San Diego.  Now finally together, The Docs have created THE ultimate production, promotional and design powerhouse. Stop by for a visit and behold the awesome that is GraphicLab.