To us screen printing is a science, we've practiced & perfected to make our performance flawless. But, if it is knowledge you seek, below is a quick primer on our screen printing service.  


Color, Color, Everywhere...

Your art is always in the very best hands.  Unlike other places we aren't limited by our machines.  Our M&R Challenger II screen printing machines are capable of printing up to 14 colors so you never have to compromise the look of your art.  As for getting the right color, we use the industry standard Pantone® color matching system to ensure your brand's consistency.  We also provide a variety of specialty inks like; metallics, glow-in-the-dark, and florescent for that extra, Umph.  


No Separation Anxiety

At GraphicLab you never have to worry about the printing process.  We can either take art you already have or we can create art for you in-house and prepare it for printing, no sweat!  We're able to handle Spot-Color, Simulated Process or Index separations to make sure your art looks as good as the original.  Manual presses mean inconsistent and sometimes less than desirable outcomes, our automatic presses never get tired and will create consistent gorgeous prints whether you print one or one thousand. 

This is an example of how our in-house art team breaks down your finished art for printing.  We identify and literally isolate each color and create a separate screen.  Each one of those colors goes onto the machine then printed in-sequence onto the garment to create the finished piece.

Photo Sep 21, 10 47 25 AM.jpg


GraphicLab provides some of the best printing and finishing services in the country, and all with budget in mind.  Okay, nutshell-time:

  • Print up to 14 colors.
  • Over-sized printing available.
  • Multi-location prints.
  • Capable of printing on most of today's commonly used materials.
  • 7-10 Business Day turn-around.         (rush service avail.)
  • In-house art creation.
  • In-house color separations and film printing.
  • Finishing Available (folding, bagging, stickering, hangtags)
  • Retail fulfillment available.
Photo Sep 21, 10 48 11 AM.jpg

Currently, our output pace is around 10,000 pieces a day and we're not even breaking a sweat - we stand ready to take on your job and we'll get it there on time EVERY TIME.   Our team of printing and design experts ensure your brand or new clothing line will always look it's best.  With options like custom neck label printing and full retail finishing we can literally take all that hassle out of your hands.  All you need to do is tell us when it needs to be done, we'll do the rest!