Why You Should Know About Direct to Garment Printing

At GraphicLab Promotional Products, we've been around long enough to know which printing methods are tried and true, and which technologies deliver the best results for our clients. While we're masters of our crafts, and specialize in screen printing and embroidery services, we're happy to offer direct-to-garment printing as an option as well. Direct-to-garment, often referred to as DTG, digital printing, or small batch printing, is ideal for smaller orders and designs with intricate colors and details. 


Direct to Garment Printing

Is it right for your project?

Direct to garment printing involves processing a design through a computer and printing it directly onto a shirt with a laser ink printer. While screen printing involves the creation of a stencil, and the application of colors in layers manually, DTG printing allows for designs involving photographs, or a high level of detail, to be printed quickly and with great accuracy.

Small batch printing works best on light colored, cotton clothing and is perfect for smaller orders for a family reunion, bachelor or bachelorette party, launch party, or any other type of event. Our printing gurus at GraphicLab Promotional Products can help you decide if direct-to-garment printing will work best depending on your deadline, budget and type of project. Call us to learn more!