DO (GOOD) BUSINESS: The Rise of Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

We’re about to drop some “green” knowledge on ya. 53% of US consumers own a piece of promotional drinkware. 57% of people polled were able to recall the advertiser on their promotional glass/tumbler. One reusable water bottle can remove an estimated 1,460 plastic bottles per year. Altogether, that makes a pretty convincing argument for focusing on the eco-friendly … and we haven’t even talked about reusable bags. Totes, insulated grocery bags, etc are one of the most cost-effective promotional product options on the market. According to studies, reusable bags can generate an estimated 5,700 impressions, which is far more than the next closest product. Add to that, each tote can remove upwards of 20,000 plastic bags from our environment.

Some of GraphicLab’s Top Environmentally, Sustainable Sellers:


Bags & Totes:
As the #waronwaste continues to grow, reusable bags and totes will continue to grow in popularity, as well. Our screen printing and embroidery specialists customized a wide range of alternatives to plastic bags. Some of our most popular reusable bags are also very affordable—cinch bags, canvas totes and recycled shopping bags. 34% of consumers own a promotional bag, which also means these products are kept, used, even opposed to tossed. Win, win if you ask us.

The US spends wastes BILLIONS (yes with a “B”) on disposable cups each year. Enter, reusable drinkware. Filled with coffee, water, tea or, heck, kool-aid, tumblers and bottles of all shapes and sizes continue to make waves within the promotional product field. Why do we love reusable tumblers and bottles? We, too, like to help eliminate one-time-use plastic waste, but we also love that reusable drinkware is an accessory that consumers take everywhere. Mugs sits on office desks, BPA-free plastic bottles makes trips to the gym, stainless steel bottles hangs on hiking packs. So if you’re looking for a long-lasting, customized promo product, you really can’t beat drinkware! Cheers to that!

Random fun fact: San Diegans who own promotional drinkware keep it for an average of 1.5 years. That is the longest of all cities polled!


Recycled-Content Products: While organic cotton apparel continues to be popular with end consumers, we are seeing a recent push for products made from recycled cotton or bags made from recycled plastic bottles. Hemp and bamboo products also continue to find their way into the promotional product marketplace. Depending on your goals and your target demographic, these alternative products may just be the solution for you.


Lastly, but still very importantly, consumers show to have a more favorable view of companies that participate in sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices, according to ASI Ad Impressions. This becomes even more true as the demographic gets younger. It’s the age of environmentalism people, and it can be good for everyone!