2019 Promotional Product Trends

Around here we like to say, “New Year. New Tools.”

To be honest, we’ve never said that before; however, it’s very true. Each year, different promotional products enjoy their time in the spotlight. Sometimes they’re actually new to the market, but most of the time our collective attention has just shifted. Without further ado:

Our Predictions for Promotional Product Trends in 2019


While we covered this more extensively in a previous post, it begged to be added to this list as well.  Eco-friendly products include those that are biodegradable, are responsibly made and help limit waste. Many of our clients seek out logo’d reusable drinkware, canvas and insulated tote bags, and the like. If you’d like to learn more about our take on eco-friendly promotional products, allow us to direct you to Do Good. Do Business.


Isn’t it “fitting” that we have this on our list, with all those resolutions we set. If we were to look into our magic (Bosu)ball we think it would say businesses would benefit from items like water bottles, stress balls, armband phone cases, towels, caps, and golf accessories (hey, it’s a sport...sort of). Cinch bags and yoga carrying cases are also great investments for the health enthusiasts.


Love em or … eh (cough). No matter how you feel about the millennial crowd they aren’t going anywhere and are just gaining more market and spending power. This generation, which spans from 1981-1996, is interested in the new, the creative and, of course, the tech. This means products that help make their tech-filled lives easier will be warmly received. Think keyring chargers, USB adapters, logo power banks and wireless products. Customized cell phone accessories can still be affordable with items like popsockets and case wallets. Last but not least, it’s not just millennials that spend hours in on a computer (work or otherwise), so consider giving the gift of privacy with webcam covers.

Whether you have an idea of what you would like or are starting from the very beginning, we have experienced sales associates ready to guide you through the millions (literally) of promotional products we can supply.

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